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Okay, so now I have two favourite eating, “going out” places at Diano d’Alba, I’m thinking about just moving there and never cooking again!

About a month ago, I can’t remember the excuse, we booked a table at the Locanda da Batista, still Diano d’Alba, Piemonte, Italy, Europe… but under snow this time! Ah, maybe that was the excuse, to see the wine covered slopes under snow and to admire how clean the council manage to keep the roads! Yes, I’m sure that was it.

We booked a table for 8pm,  as when Louis had enquired a few days previously the nice lady at Batista had said it would be better to book for a Saturday evening. However when we arrived the place was empty. We peered, a little worried, into the window, Louis had also asked the nice lady if the food was still as good as it was years ago when he was a regular punter, and of course the lady said “Si”.  We had some doubts, but we entered anyway. €23.00 for four starters, two pasta dishes, two meat dishes and side veg and pudd. At that price how good could it be? How wrong could we have been?

We gave our name and the nice lady gave us a table for two next to the wood fire. I took a look around and saw that all of the tables had the same little name cards as us ….fully booked!

A tennis ball of raw meat, lemon, oil and salt…. perfection! Baked oven pepper fillets, duck salad to die for…. Yummy yummy, no more rumble in my tummy. Risotto made with Barolo and cheese, home-made pasta with meat sauce, ham shank with potatoes, rabbit and the best panna cotta I have ever tasted.

We returned just a few weeks later with family from Savona and made a real good “bella figura”! In other words we really impressed them.


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